We Want Investors To Do Well

Based on our experience we see how investors can do better. A lot better with a lot less speculating. We didn't invest market analysis but we have studied and organized market analytics or data that transfers into real time portfolio buys and sells.

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This is the how and why this markets research service exists. It is the culmination of a long road of experience in the investment industry and the markets. This is the story of Paul Thornton the founder and Research Director for Investor Boot Camp Online addressing the needs of investors who are missing out on key information.

The service was created from extensive research and problem solving to provide investors with;

  • the best investments anywhere, at the right time.
  • strategies for managing their portfolios in a systematic business like approach.
  • less stress.
  • a way to save time.

In 1986, "I started my investment industry career as an Investment Advisor with a large firm. Following the crash of 1987, I inquired with management why there was no research or other information prior to the crash, giving us a heads up. I was told there was. So, I went back through all of the print outs (yes, that's how we did it back then), and found nothing. There wasn't anything about how to deal with it afterwards either except the overly simplistic idea that now investors should diversify portfolios over stocks, bonds and cash. Three years later, I changed firms only to discover that another large national firm had little to offer for real world investing success."

I didn't see how I was doing my valued clients any good!

Prior to joining my first small firm, I ran a number of historical studies. The studies were conducted on numerous commodity markets analysing the results of trading puts and/or call options. In the design phase of the studies I flipped my assumptions around on how I thought investing was supposed to be done (as the investment industry claims). While the studies were designed effectively, the approach seemed absurd with basic assumptions turned backwards. But here's what the results were; an 87% success rate!

Backward Assumptions!

During the time of the options studies (spanning several years), I was incidentally reading information on the stock market from my options data source. Based on this information, and the success of the options studies, I realized my investment assumptions had been backwards.

Now I knew how to trade in the stock market.

My experience with smaller firms was, frankly, another lesson in the school of hard knocks. Trading success, based on my own research, was substantially better than my colleagues and research reports from many sources. My observation of the investment banking product in some firms revealed an approach, and results, that were frequently terrible. Many of my colleagues who built their business on the investment banking products were wiped out in bear markets.

I leveraged my growing knowledge in real time market analysis, identifying the best stocks and the exact time to buy and sell. I created a huge investor library with investment information/research and portfolio management strategies. It is the foundation for the real time analysis and portfolio guidance service here. The name, Investtor Boot Camp Online, came from a seminar series called Investor Boot Camp. It's not the best name because the research isn't a training program for rookies. In fact, it's my belief more active and experienced traders are the biggest beneficiaries of the extensive information provided.

Put It All Together

There are some good Investment Advisors out there. However, there are far too many who talk a good story, but take their clients down a road that works for the Advisor and not so much for the clients. I got tired of seeing investors victimized by certain advisors, investment dealers, the self serving interests of the mutual fund industry and the media. However, I defend advisors, as they are not provided with information on how the markets work. Like their clients, they pay a big price for not operating with information that is actually useful.

Investor Boot Camp Online is the refinement of certain research systems that have proven to be effective in combination with professional portfolio management strategies and trade execution practices. Our focus is to provide investors with useful information that is as good as it gets. Investors cannot succeed without effective market timing and trade execution.

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My purpose in television and radio interviews is to provide investors with the facts about what is going on in the markets and what can be done about it. No side story, just something you can use!


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