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Thanks to everybody who participated in our Nov. 25th workshop. It was engaging and energetic with lots of discussion, exploring topics of interest to investors. We also received some feedback from several participants. Here's what they said;

"My portfolio has risen over $240K since we started using your research eighteen months ago. Before that we had lost $60K."

"It was hard to get my head around some of it at first, but one of the accounts has erased all my losses and added even more!"


Our workshops are always interesting and interactive. Bring any and all questions. For more email your workshop facilitator Paul Thornton at


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What you said about webinars

"As usual, last night’s webinar adds lots of real time information you can’t get elsewhere." - Bob S.

"Good webinar last evening! Well presented. Thanks." - D. Grant.

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Format of webinars

The format now includes topics in two themes. What we are doing is connecting something about the markets to the process of how you know!

  • Markets analysis.
  • The process of markets analysis and portfolio management. Sometimes simple, other times more complex.


Webinar audio options

Choose either the conference line or "listen on your computer". If you choose the conference line you will be able to ask questions directly otherwise your communication is limited to the chat feature (bottom left of your screen).


Webinar troubleshooting

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For possible issues with Chrome (your browser). While we recommend Chrome as your general use browser especially for markets analysis purposes it is not recommended for webinars. Consider using an alternative browser such as Maxthon or Firefox.

It's not uncommon for your computer or device to stall or cut out. When this happens exit the webinar (close the browser), reopen the browser and log back in again. Ya, t's a pain but it should work nicely once you're set up again.

Workshops for how to do everything with investing

What does it take?

Successful investing requires "covering all the bases" linking effective markets analysis with portfolio management strategies and execution. We explore all elements of investing in workshops and webinars, to empower investors to succeed consistently. And, yes, we take a look at the impact of emotion on our decisions. Ouch!

“What is essential for success is to go beyond picking up a few pieces of random information. It requires internalizing key principles so you can take action.” - Paul Thornton, Investor Boot Camp

How to build your wealth

"Some investors are giving up on the process of analyzing the markets and mastering their portfolios. Nothing can be done well without a sufficient time for learning. Investing is the same way. But those who work at it have a huge advantage over the entire market. So keep going. Workshops are a very short 2.5 hours out of your life. They will turn you into a master if you set yourself up to succeed." - Paul Thornton, Investor Boot Camp.

Why go to a classroom?

Our mission is to provide the most useful investment seminars and workshops. They're also interesting! Well at least that's what the participants say and many of them are regulars.

Here's what one participant said about the most recent event. "Great workshop!" Andrew G. March 2016

Our classroom based workshops are for investors who want to know more about how to analyze markets and stocks and what it means for managing their own portfolios. Novice investors and the most experienced can benefit from this interactive exploration into what matters most for investors. In real time and beyond.

Some workshops are geared more towards the novice investors but others are for those who are experienced with an appetite for soaking up advanced information and strategies.

Start with how the markets work

One of the primary objectives of workshops and seminars is to explore how markets actually work. Another investment theme that receives plenty of attention s the importance of managing risk. Investing in the financial markets such as the stock market and oil are opportunities but they can also be the ruin of a portfolio. Our observation is many investors take too many risks especially in the stock market. Why go there? Find out how to succeed without guessing and losing money.

Try these below in the meantime and follow Today's Stock Market daily.

The right knowledge makes a difference

Investor Boot Camp Online conducts classroom workshops and online seminars on anything investment related. If you want to know more about how to analyze markets and how to invest successfully, we encourage you to participate. The sessions are far from boring as many investors have discovered. Most importantly, they're useful! Seminars are in Toronto and typically are two to three hours in length.


  Investment Radio. Podcasts on markets and investing.


If I can empower you to manage your portfolio well, I want to work with you. Start with the online subscription providing the most significant information for each step in the portfolio management process; markets analysis - strategy - execution and mindset management. Send an email with your interest to - Paul Thornton

See the testimonials from previous workshops.



What You Said About Investment Workshops and Seminars

Comments we received from our latest feedback survey at the "How the Stock Market Works" workshop. 

"I'm really new to this and appreciate the 'best practice' advice Paul has to offer."

"Complicated subjects, but clearly presented."

"I like Paul's approach and I trust him."

"You see me repeating your courses because it is the best way for me to learn and remember what to look at.....and this evolves over-time." -M.W.

"For those who want to become self-sufficient at managing their portfolios, having a mentor is key."   S.S. April 2012

"Thanks for your presentation. It was excellent. It clarified a number of aspects for me." J.P. re; How To Time The Markets seminar.

" we learned so much in that session (the Advanced Investor Workshop), we are going to the one for timing the market at the end of the month".  - P.W.

"I've learned so much in a short time". John P. Nov 2011

"Investorbootcamp has provided clarity on several different levels. The knowledge we have gained has made us capable to make successful trades with confidence!!!  C. Walters

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Investor Boot Camp Series

 For more on the course see Investor Boot Camp.

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