Investment market research you can use

What if you had access to the system that generates the financial markets greatest winners in stocks and market E.T.F.s? What if you could do it without taking unnecessary risks?

“I have to say that your repeated focus on disciplined and emotionless trading is really paying dividends for me.  I am mercenary now when it comes to cutting loose the odd dog and not letting losses mount. Thanks for keeping the service going.  I'll be a life-long subscriber.”

"Your stock picking is superior" - J. Novakovic

"Timing is what stands out". - P. Walters

Why it pays

The research generates a short list of the top ranked stocks. Amongst those have been Facebook FB, Dollarama DOL-tsx, Constellation Software CSU-tsx, Nvidia NVD, Amazon AMZN, Skyworks SWKS, Idexx Laboratories IDXX and others. You can get these early in their big runs with the timing and pricing for buys and the final sell.

Your portfolio should never lose money

One of the most significant aspects of the research and portfolio guidance service is the attention to staying out of falling markets. In over 30 years of real world experience we have studied how this has an enormous impact on portfolios.


Don't get burned by the stock market, ever!


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How to build your investment portfolio

One of the biggest obstacles to consistent success in the stock, bond, commodity and currency markets is bias or speculation. Many U.S. and Canadian investors use our financial market research because it's consistent, timely, and sets up superior performance. The research is based entirely on facts. We give you the information, you execute the buys and sells in your online broker accounts. Available 24/7 in a monthly or annual subscription package.

Use science to grow your portfolio

We use the most useful definable indicators that excel over all other possibilities. The best stocks and market E.T.F.s are discovered through extensive screening based on the best indicators. It's how you steer a portfolio in a business like intelligent approach to decision making. It's how the best companies in the world run their business. Now you can run your portfolio the same way. It's how you address every situation in the stock market. interest rate markets, commodities and currencies.

Get all of this and more ...

  • Buy and sell signals.
  • Stocks with the most significant growth in earnings and revenues.
  • The top emerging company stocks.
  • The top healthcare stocks including bio-techs and medical marijuana.
  • The best performing I.P.O.s.
  • Stocks in over 375 sub sectors from banks to virtual reality and artificial intelligence.


Get it all.

The system works in all market conditions. We guide you on how to engineer your investment portfolio like a business. That might sound boring, but you'll like the results. Investors who manage their own portfolios use the research and feel good about it.