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Our system incorporates market analytics which in turn generate our highest ranked stocks and market E.T.F.s. The system has generated buy signals in the stock market's biggest winners including the Canadian banks, Facebook FB, Dollarama DOL-tsx, Constellation Software CSU-tsx, Nvidia NVDA, Adobe ADBE, Amazon AMZN and others.

Our portfolios are managed with a proven system. We use a program of specific strategies and execution tactics for every situation. Everything is based on facts in order to minimize bias, subjectivity and emotion. It's how you deal with the volatility of markets and stocks to guide real money through periods of uncertainty and extremes.

The system is based on 150 years of market history. Our portfolio consultant has over 30 years of experience armed with hundreds of studies. It's a no nonsense approach that works for our long term clients who want the best stocks and market E.T.F.s without taking unnecessary chances.

We screen all Canadian and U.S. stocks, bonds, commodities and currency markets E.T.F.s from around the world. Every day.

Never get burned by the stock market again!

Investment advisors have no training in how markets work. It's not their fault, they just don't know. Most mutual fund managers don't know either and the media certainly doesn't. So we respond by running portfolios like a business. The highly predictable system we use for investment capital minimizes bias with an effective decision making matrix. It's better upside with a great deal of attention to avoiding the downside.

Take the pain of the financial markets out of your portfolio!

Paul Thornton is your portfolio consultant. He was a long time Investment Advisor who discovered the investment industry was not interested in how markets work, how to analyze stocks effectively or how to manage portfolios. The school of hard knocks led to a shift. By the early '90's he conducted studies on options systems leading to training in the stock market by some of the greatest investors in history. Then he put it all together, organizing a comprehensive system integrating analysis with portfolio guidance. We now have decades of in-house studies and experience to add to a deep knowledge base.

"It is my observation that most investors either aren't willing to grasp the markets or don't have the capacity for it. It's understandable as the process is actually more complicated than we'd like. For people who don't have access to our training they likely don't believe the system works. But it does and it works better than anything I've ever seen and I'm always looking. In fact the beauty of the system is its adaptability. Families would benefit from having me take care of their investment accounts. Portfolios will certainly do better especially when the market throws a curveball which is pretty much a regular event." - Paul Thornton, Investor Boot Camp.

We don't make it up but we organize it and refine it. We do the work, you have peace of mind.

What do you get?

 The portfolio management process uses an objective science based approach.

  • Expert manager with 30 years of experience engineering the A.A.I.I.'s top ranked investment system.
  • Systematic approach to portfolio strategies and execution that is pre-determined for all situations.
  • A no nonsense approach with a precise evidence based system producing a high level of predictability.
  • A system of defensive strategies. Think of it as portfolio insurance.
  • The top performing stocks and E.T.F.s. from an extensive screening process of U.S. and Canadian stocks, bonds, commodities and currency markets.
  • Defense is the number one strategy. Always!
  • Access to daily updates on all markets.
  • Access to the most extensive online resource on market behaviours and how to analyze markets.
  • Free access to classroom workshops.

Where else can you get this kind of value? Talk to us about it to get the portfolio style that works for you.


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Portfolio styles

Attention to detail and knowing what matters makes a difference. We don't make it up, we just work it. It's how your portfolio is managed like a business. Security with maximum performance for the real world


See the overviews for each portfolio style.

Equity portfolio

A disciplined process using tactical strategies based on real time and historical indications. Superior performing securities are potential buys during up trends. In the stock market, stock choices are restricted to companies with superior fundamentals. The number one feature of the system may be staying out of down trending stocks. They just don't work.


A simplified portfolio management style using E.T.F.s (exchange traded funds).

Fixed income

Fixed income portfolios may include more than bonds and preferred shares. Some securities offer both yield and capital gain potential. Our process may incorporate sophisticated portfolio strategies with a defensive posture real time market conditions warrant doing so.

High Growth portfolio

The High Growth portfolio is based on studies of unusually powerful stocks. Since 2006 we looked at how to identify a powerful stock, establish a buy methodology, how to add to the position and how to sell the position. The goal is to maximize returns using a proprietary system of concentrating capital in the top performing stocks and leveraged market E.T.F.s. Interestingly enough the attention to managing this methodology is being applied to routine aspects of stock picking. It makes sense as the reason we invest in the stock market is to participate in the biggest winners. Note, this is not a day trading system as our studies have revealed day trading is generally ineffective as it fails to match market cycles. Most cycles in the financial markets are longer in duration than people think. Penny stocks are not eligible in the screening process. Options and futures contracts are excluded.

The high growth portfolio is an evidence based research screen for superior investment possibilities in all markets (U.S. and Canada) including stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. Stocks and other securities including leveraged E.T.F.s may be used.


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It is our observation that some investors and Investment Advisors take on far too much unnecessary risk. All of our portfolio styles inherently incorporate risk management as the number one strategy. This includes the high growth portfolio. Personal bias is minimized as much as possible including those of our clients. In fact, what has worked well for our portfolio process is how it eliminates subjective influence including ours and our clients.

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