Expert Portfolio Guidance

We offer investors investment portfolio management services with a seasoned investment markets and money manager expert. The approach to markets analysis and portfolio management is second to none and it is completely transparent taking advantage of technology, lower transaction fees and administration costs  

Different kinds of people use our expert portfolio guidance service. You may be a busy person with a real job, other interests and very little time. You may know your stuff about the markets but you can't or don't want to do the work. Or perhaps your knowledge is limited and maybe you just don't care that much. So we do it for you.

It's tactical portfolio management based on the realities of markets and a proven evidence based research system. Engineered by long time expertise for your personal investment portfolio. Outperform mutual funds, most investment advisors and get it for a lower rate.

We're so confident of the process and our track record we'll guarantee the portfolio doesn't lose money.

The goal for all portfolio styles is to generate maximum returns while accounting for risk with a systematic approach to decision making using historically proven indicators. Talk to us about it to get the customized style that works for you. Ask for the fee structure.


Email or call (647) 203-4457 and ask for Paul Thornton.


Security and maximum performance for the real world

Amongst the top investment choices through 2016 were Amercan Micro Devices (AMD), Amazon (AMZN), Dollarama (DOL-tsx) and Pizza Pizza (PZA-tsx). Top E.T.F.'s include U.S. listed IWM and ITA. But in our view, and our clients who recognize it, what is perhaps more important was what was avoided. That included a falling bond market, many former stock winners that have since fallen hard and getting drawn into gold and silver stocks during a deep correction in the latter half of 2016. We see too many investors and Investment Advisors take on unnecessary risk.

Tactical portfolio strategies revolve around productive use of capital in the real world, not stories.

Expert evidence based research is connected to a precise systematic methodology for managing the portfolio. It has been proven over time through studies and, more importantly, real portfolios. We don't make it up, we just work it. It's how we manage your portfolio like a business.

You can do better than mutual funds, E.T.F.s and most other alternatives including Robo-advisors. Get performance with lower risk and lower fees.


Portfolio styles

  • Equity portfolio
  • High growth portfolio
  • Fixed Income
  • E.T.F.s

See the overview below for each portfolio style.

Equity portfolio

A disciplined process using tactical strategies based on real time and historical indications. Superior performing securities are targeted but the number one feature is exiting and staying out of downtrending markets.


A simplified investment style with the objective of both maximum performance and defensive portfolio strategies using only E.T.F.s

Fixed income

Fixed income portfolios may include more than bonds and preferred shares. Some securities offer both yield and capital gain potential. Our process may incorporate sophisticated portfolio strategies with a defensive posture real time market conditions warrant doing so.

High Growth portfolio

The High Growth portfolio is operated on a methodology from internally generated studies of the stock market linking certain stock market behaviours to a proprietary system of security selection. It is essentially our Trade Up strategy combined with capital protection strategies.

The goal is to maximize returns using a proprietary system of concentrating capital in the top performing stocks and leveraged market E.T.F.s.

The evidence based research screens for superior investment possibilities in all markets including stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. Stocks and other securities including leveraged E.T.F.s may be used. Options and futures contracts are excluded.


  Connect with us

We'd love to hear from you and see what investment solutions work for you. There are many ways we can connect. You may start the process by emailing and let us know if the next step is telephone contact, a shared online session or a face to face.



It is our view that many investors and Investment Advisors take on far too much unnecessary risk. All portfolio styles, based on personal choice, inherently incorporate risk management as the number one strategy including the aggressive portfolio. Some clients have told us the approach is more conservative than they anticipated. 

Lower Fees

A sliding scale management fee is applicable based on portfolio size. Email for the fee structure.